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Buzé 0.6 (aka Lillebu) Introduction

Powerful audio and event engine

The audio engine is a tickless, multithreaded, lock-/waitfree DSP graph. It is organized in a modular fashion, offering many exciting features and possibilities.

Pattern-based sequencer

The most important tool for composition and automation is the Pattern Editor which offers a large amount of keyboard shortcuts, transformation operations and visual helpers for working with patterns. The Pattern Editor sports a regular tracker grid with optional envelope editors, pianorolls and harmony notation for harmony-based transposes and note coloring.

Pattern formats

Patterns are no longer bound to specific plugins, but are instead separate entities defined by a "pattern format". Pattern are triggered from trigger columns or the order list, and there are no restrictions which patterns can be triggered from where.


By using Buzz or built-in tracker-plugins (aka samplers), there are 200 shared wavetable slots. A vast number of file formats is supported, through the use of libsndfile and libmad.

Plugin support

Supports VST, Buzz, Psycle, LADSPA plugins natively.

Connection types

MIDI and event connections have matured greatly since earlier versions of Buze. MIDI wires send MIDI data around in the graph. Event connections offer support for a native peering mechanism, where event plugins can alter parameters or modify parameters on the fly. Plugins that support event connections can also be chained with no problems. Audio connections supports multi channel inputs/outputs, and works with both Buzz machines and VSTs with multi-io capabilities.

New SQLite file format

Relies heavily on SQLite for internal data storage, undo/redo and file format. The new native file format - armz - is a zipped SQLite database with raw waveform files. Support for saving BMX has been dropped due to the new requirements. Loading BMX still works.

Native VST support

All VST parameters can be used in patterns, recorded, bound to MIDI controllers, accept event connections etc as with all other supported plugin formats. Supports multi-IO VSTs, and takes advantage of the new MIDI connections. Depending on the VST, sending and receiving both audio and MIDI are supported.

New old school tracker

Buze includes a new, built-in native tracker based on the core of Modplug (aka OpenMPT) which provides MOD/S3M/IT/XM-compatible playback. Support for loading .MODs from the Open File dialog.

Major pattern editor updates

And more ...