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Buz 0.5.8 - major rewrites - 21. july 2008:
After months of development without any public binaries, here is the first usable BETA version which approximately matches the features of the previous version.

Get buze-0.5.8.zip.

Summary of changes: More complete undo/redo. Native event- and MIDI-connections. Feedback loops. Includes ca 20 new Lunar and native/MIDI plugins. Overall enhanced MIDI support. Improved native recorder and streaming plugins. Can load/preview a bunch of new sample formats via sndfile, e.g FLAC, IFF, VOC. Pattern editors can be duplicated and linked. The machine view can move/align machines w/keyboard, added new "Smart delete" function and other context menu options. The wave editor supports copy/paste, and the context menu works.
Contributors to this release were Calvin, Hmaon, Ld0d, Syncat, Zeffii and Zoner.

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Buz 0.5-beta

Buz is an open source modular audio sequencer and tracker for Windows. Designed as a modern remake of Jeskola Buzz.

Current features


Buz can co-exist with an existing Buzz-installation by dropping buze.exe, libsndfile-1.dll, Gear/blacklist.txt, Gear/Native/buzz2zzub.dll, Gear/Native/buzz2zzub.ini, Gear/Native/zzub_stream.dll into your Buzz-folder. In fact, the current recommended method of installing Buz is to install Buzz first, and apply files from Buz afterwards. The FAQ lists existing Buzz packs (and also most common problems you are likely to encounter).

To install separately, unzip the contents into a new folder. Add machines to Gear/Generators and Gear/Effects. Run buze.exe from the application folder to start.

Buz uses the same ActiveX envelope editor control as Buzz (envelope.ocx). If it does not appear, run "tools/Register Envelope.js" or manually regsvr32 envelope.ocx.

The default blacklist only lists a minimum of unusable machines. For improved stability, please try this much stricter blacklist.txt. Download to Gear/blacklist.txt. Updated 15. may 2007.

Bug reports

The one place to keep bug reports and feature requests is in the ticket database. If you would like to report a bug, please check the FAQ for further instructions.

Audio demos

These MP3s were made with Buze 0.3 or newer:

Buz in printed media

Buz was mentioned in the Computer Music Special 22 review of top 50 freeware tools.

Page 1, Page 2

Buz was also mentioned in c't issue 11/2007, a german computer technology magazine.

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Contact, donations, etc

I am contactable on calvin at countzero dot no. Also visit us on IRC at #buze (or #buzz for that matter) / EFNet.

Buz 0.5