Buz 0.4 Documentation

Keyboard shortcuts

Pattern Editor:

Arrows Move cursor
Ctrl-Right/Ctrl-Left Move cursor
Home/EndMove cursor
PgUp/PgDnMove cursor
Ctrl-Home/Ctrl-EndMove cursor
Shift-(above combo)Move cursor and select
Shift-F5 Play current pattern
Shift-EnterPlay row under cursor
Ctrl-EnterNew pattern
Ctrl-Shift-EnterClone pattern
TabMove cursor to next track
Shift-TabMove cursor to previous track
Ctrl Num +Add track
Ctrl Num -Remove track
.Delete value under cursor
DelDelete row in column
Shift DelDelete row in track
Ctrl-Shift DelDelete row in pattern
Ctrl DelDelete pattern
InsertInsert row in column
Shift InsertInsert row in track
Ctrl-Shift InsertInsert row in pattern
BackspaceDelete row
Shift-Backspace Delete column
Num *Octave up
Num /Octave down
Num +Next pattern
Num -Previous pattern
| (pipe)Increase step
Shift-|Decrease step
Shift + / Ctrl-QTranspose up
Shift - / Ctrl-DTranspose down
Ctrl-FDouble pattern length
Ctrl-GHalve pattern length
Ctrl-IInterpolate values in selection
Ctrl-MMute/unmute current machine
Ctrl-LSolo/unsolo current machine
Ctrl-RRandomize selection
Ctrl-UpGo to next machine
Ctrl-DownGo to previous machine
Shift-Ctrl-BBegin selection
Shift-Ctrl-EEnd selection
Shift-Ctrl-DSelect 16/32/64/.. rows from cursor
Shift-Ctrl-LSelect track/group/all
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