Buz 0.4 Documentation

Keyboard shortcuts


ArrowsMove cursor
Home/EndMove cursor
PgUp/PgDnMove cursor
Ctrl-Home/Ctrl-EndMove to top/beginning of loop
Shift-(above combo)Move cursor and select
Ctrl-Up/Ctrl-DownSelect pattern
Ctrl-Right/LeftMove track
.Delete entry
,Insert mute
-Insert break
_Insert thru (effects only)
0..9Insert pattern
| (pipe)Increase step
Shift-|Decrease step
InsertInsert a blank row in current track
DeleteDelete row
Ctrl-EnterInsert track
Ctrl-DeleteDelete track
Ctrl-IInsert a blank row in all tracks
Ctrl-DDelete row from all tracks
Ctrl-MMute/unmute current machine
Ctrl-LSolo/unsolo current machine
Ctrl-BSet song/loop start
Ctrl-ESet song/loop end

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Buz 0.4