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Customizing Buzé

Buzé is configurable via several external resources.

Keyboard bindings

Most keyboard bindings can be changed by editing a text file called hotkeys.json in the application directory. Please refer to this file for more information. The keyboard bindings are parsed on program startup, so remember to restart Buze after editing hotkeys.json.

Machine index hierarchy (index.txt)

Displayed in the All Machines-view and in the Machine View's "right click -> New" context menu.

Buzé is compatible with Buzz' and Overloader's extended index.txt. Additionally, Buzé's index-parser supports including external files.

(TODO: examples and information about how to write traditional and overloaded index.txt's. add links to popular indexes)

Song templates in the machine index hierarchy


Create a directory called Gear/Templates and place songs here. They will show up in under Template in the machine view right-click menu after restarting Buze.



Buzé supports exactly the same theme files as Buzz, with some extensions.

Theme Parameters

Buzz machine compatibility


Controls blacklisting and dynamic patching of hacked plugins. Please refer to buzz2zzub.ini directly for detailed information.

MIDI output device aliases


GUI layout


The state of the windowing dock-tab-framework is saved to this path on exit. Not really intended to be edited by users.


Download and install alternative monospaced fonts for increased readability in the pattern editor.

Everything else: registry

Audio device settings, MIDI settings, GUI tweaks, toolbar positions. All registry settings should be editable in Preferences.