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MIDI Tracker

The miditracker is modeled after Polac VST and sends MIDI messages via MIDI connections.

Global parameters

Parameter name Type Description
Global Command byte Global Command
Command Value word Global Command Value
Program word Change MIDI Program

Track parameters

Parameter name Type Description
Note note Note to play
Velocity byte Velocity of the played note
Note Delay byte Delay before note triggering (ticks?)
Note Cut byte Delay before note release (ticks?)
Command byte Track Command (details below)
Command Value word Command value
Parameter word Track parameter (details below)
Parameter Value word Parameter value
MIDI Channel byte MIDI channel

MIDI Tracker Commands

Name Value Description
MIDI Message 09 Send a MIDI Message (details below)

MIDI Message

The MIDI Message word is of the form xxyy, where "xx" is the message and "yy" is its value.

Here are the available messages:

Name Message Value Range Description
CC 00-7F 00-7F Sends a MIDI Control Change (CC)
Pitch Bend Range FE 00-FF Defines range of pitch bends
Pitch Bend FF 00-FF Sends a MIDI Pitch Bend

MIDI Tracker Parameters

Name Value Description
None 30ff Does nothing
Pitch Bend 30fe MIDI pitch bend
CC 3000...30fa MIDI Control Change (CC)