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File Browser

The file browser shows audio files and archives of supported formats on the computer, supports live preview playback and can load samples into the wavetable.

The file browser can be opened with Shift+F9. Or press ENTER when a slot in the wavetable has focus.

Supported file formats

The file browser uses the stream plugins in Armstrong for live preview. The stream plugins use libsndfile or libmad to load and play files directly from disk. libsndfile supports WAV, AIFF, FLAC, AU and many more formats, whereas libmad is a library for playing back MP3.

The file browser uses the sample import API in Armstrong for browsing sample archives and loading sample data into the project. The import API supports most regular wave formats via libsndfile and libmad, and also (non-previewable) samples from .mod/.s3m/.it/.xm and .drumkit files as archives.

Supported archive file formats can be browsed like any directory. In order to load a sample from disk or from an archive, just drag the file into a slot in the wavetable. Or press ENTER to load the sample into the currently selected wavetable slot.

The file browser toolbar

Previous: Goes to the previously visited path.

Next: Goes to the next visited path.

Refresh: Refreshes the contents of the current directory.

Add path: Adds the current directory to the shortcuts dropdown list.

Remove path: Removes the currently selected path from the shortcuts dropdown list.