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Audio preferences
Mixer Threads Number of worker threads to use for multithreaded mixing. When this is set to 1, a simpler single-threaded algorithm is used for mixing.
Output Device Currently selected output/playback device.
Mixing Rate Samplerate
Latency Buffer size used for mixing. 4 buffers are used in total.
Master Output Channel For output devices with more outputs than a stereo channel. The master sends its output to this stereo channel pair.
Input Device Currently selected input/recording device.
MIDI preferences
Enable MIDI Output Devices Enable or disable detected MIDI output devices on the system. These devices are accessible e.g via the MIDI Output plugin.
Enable MIDI Input Devices Enable or disable detected MIDI input devices on the system. These devices are accessible e.g via the MIDI Input plugin.
GUI preferences - Global
VU Meter Speed Sets the global VU falloff speed.
VU Update Rate Sets the global VU update rate.
Show Accelerators Injects the current keyboard bindings into all toolbars, menus and context menus.
GUI preferences - Machine View
Default Zoom
Disable Machine Skins
Scale by Window Size
Machines Default Minimized
GUI preferences - Pattern Editor
Font Changes the fixed-width font used in the pattern editor.
Font Size
Default Pattern Length Default length of new patterns.
Default Value Entry Mode Horizontal = Cursor moves to the right, down at the last digit

Vertical = Cursor moves down
Horizontal Scroll Mode
Vertical Scroll Mode
Sticky Selection
Note-Off String
Note-Cut String
Background for a Note
Background for a Byte
Background for a Switch
Background for a Word
Trigger Column Width Number of characters reserved for a pattern trigger column.
Format/Pattern Creation Mode
Default Scroller Width
Pattern Naming Mode
Right Click Mode
Subrow Naming Mode
GUI preferences - Wavetable
Default Wave Editor

Press "Apply" in the preferences view to enable any changes.