Welcome to the super cool homepage of the great super fun band, Kawasaki SisterS!

Go Japan super cool!  Go Japan super cool!
The girls

Download our super fun super hit, "Happy super fun hospital"

Download our super fun super hit, "Happy super cowboy dance"

In addition we yesterday let us inquire about the extended edition which was made! Listen to "Happy super cowboy dance - extended version"

Kawasaki SisterS is way cool band and wants to bring you super fun in summertime man! We bring joy and super fun always, and we like to go to beach.

Renewal of news!

There is a new song in town, Happy Super Cowboy Dance is called! We are satisfied this song and very. There is extreme cool vocals to that! Hear that directly!

Today girl of boy and! We presently use the synthesizer and the cool machine of our itself studios. We work many extreme pleasures possessing method, eagerly! Super fun with Superkawasaki group!

It is the cool girl where as for us there is from Japan, the person is done in extreme cool synthesizer music because of you! We have done the fact that it is called the Superkawasaki which has been taken in to the album! We search still record transaction, therefore if you being abundant, the person of the record producer, permit the fact that we know! We are the cool girl, the extreme pleasure of music industry is made!

Please contact us in band only! We are super fun e-mailing!

Download our super fun super hit, "Happy super fun hospital"