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Kawasaki SisterS!
Evil individual in society
No 1 Tetris hosted on
Introducing YTN

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andyw released an intro at the Kindergarden 2008 64k intro competition in November. It took the second place (out of two entries, yay). Coded in C++, generated graphics, music made in Buzé and MilkyTracker, etc.
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Votedisks from 199x

10+ years ago I attended many demoparties, and while cleaning up my old room I came over a collection of votedisks. These were handed out to participants after the demos were shown so people could vote for their favourites. It was a time when the results were decided by who could steal the most votedisks.
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modextract 1.0 is a tiny Windows app that helps you rip .WAVs from .MOD, .S3M, .XM and .IT modules.
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Leaving Oslo

One third of the staff at recently moved away from Oslo and left only this.

Move your feet

Enjoy this 100% original music video called "Snertent". Requires Flash.
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Buzé gets the license

Buzé is a project which aims to create a remake of the popular modular audio studio Jeskola Buzz. Now the project owns the Buzzlib-license which finally allows for distribution of it's binaries. It's still beta, but you can get it and try now.
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Check out naturen, a silly flash lip-syncing project made in a very short time.
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tidycs - Native C# version of HTML Tidy

Some ISP refused to install TidyATL at work, so I decided to spend the weekend looking into JLCA and jtidy with the aim to create a native .NET implementation of HTML Tidy.
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Flash stuff by Alfred

A cold and rainy summer has resulted in some small flash experiments from Alfred

Stretcher | Butterflies

Not previously linked

Here is some stuff that has been around on the server, but has not been linked publicly before. Music, Open GL, DirectX and DOS stuff.
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Site Update

New feature on Iterative Multi Interactive Communication System
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Sketching Night

An evenings worth of work
Dragon Sketch


Mr. Batmans sketching directory
Onward! To the sketches!

Hello Mr. Seymour

Mr. Seymour is here! Free MP3 download - available only on
Mr. Seymours page

HTML based HTML editor written in C++

Abandoned project, but fun to write at the time. Inside there is a simple HTTP server, a prototype of a HTML-based GUI framework in C++. There is also an almost-working dialog editor written using this framework.
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2003 music by AndyW

Here are some tunes not publicly released before, made with the old, but still very cool Buzz software.
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Site refresh

By adding some XML, CSS and PHP, magic things have happened. The links above filter stories by topic. Thanks to all the "inexperienced users" who believed the oneliner was a searchbox - it's now gone.

Kawasaki SisterS!

Japanese duo producing happy music. Currently they enjoy the success of their last hit, Happy Super Cowboy Dance.
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Small fun flash experiments

My goal was to create a something like a dynamic subway system, for no other reason than that I was bored one day.
I'm quite satisfied with the results, however, I have yet to implement it with something useful.
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Evil individual in society

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No 1 Tetris hosted on

Addictive tetris-clone, based on Amiga-classic Twintris.
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Introducing YTN

Yngves Teite Nyhetsbrev, legendary mailing list with lots of links
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Fasttracker 2 modules (.XM)

Tunes in XM and MP3 format made in the DOS-based Fasttracker 2.
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Simple Win32 console C++ class

Simplistic win32 textmode class.
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SMTP/POP3 C++ classes

Unfinished and experimental code for using sockets.
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IRC bot project

IRC bot project long anticipated, but stopped after a few days working.
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